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Visit These 3 Ancient Temples Near Pura Gunung Kawi Bali To Seek Peace & Solace

Pura Gunung Kawi in Bali is an 11th-century old temple in Bali where travelers come to seek solace and spirituality. Though it is not the only temple in Bali worthy of a visit. You will find more temples near Pura Gunung Kawi Bali if you wish to seek blessings of gods on your honeymoon. After all, Bali is the island of Gods. their blessings will make your marital life blissful and happy. Even if you are on a solo trip, these temples will open gates to spirituality and peace for you.

Pura Gunung Kawi Bali is located in Tampaksiring, northeast of Ubud. if you are staying in Ubud and have plans to visit this temple, then you can take a detour to other attractive temples too. Inside this temple, you will find 10 rock-cut Candi carved into 7 m high sheltered niches. The site looks right out of a mythological tale. The temple is surrounded by greenery and overlooks Pakerisan River. The same river flows by Tirta Empul Temple which is another great religious attraction to visit in Bali.

If you want to experience the spiritual side of Bali, then include these temples in your itinerary. These temples are the institution of religion and spirituality. The amazing thing about these temples in Bali is the architecture. These buildings are centuries old and you will be mesmerized with the carvings om the wall and construction of these temples. Another stupefying thing about these temples is their location. Each temple in Bali is located amidst picturesque scenery surrounded by either lush greenery or sea.

Some of these temples are located at a height on volcanic mountains. You will have to climb a lot of stairs to reach all the way to the top and it is all worth it because views from the top are even more mesmerizing. These temples are so damn beautiful and perfect spot to get an Instagram worthy picture for your feed. The only way to reach these temples near Pura Gunung Kawi Bali is by car. You will have to hire a private cab or join a group tour that is way cheaper than having your own vehicle.

Here are some more temples near Pura Gunung Kawi Bali that you can visit during your stay in Bali for spiritual sightseeing.

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1. Goa Gajah

Goa gajah

It is a temple located in a small village called Bedulu, out of Ubud. It is just 10 minutes’ drive away from the downtown area of Ubud. Goa Gajah means ‘Elephant Cave’. It is a very large temple. It takes almost an hour to explore the whole temple. You will enter the temple through a hollow mouth of a demon. Inside the temple, you will find the incomplete relics of a lingam, (symbolic representation of the Hindu God Lord Shiva), and his female equivalent the Yoni. There is also a statue of Lord Shiva’s son, Lord Ganesha.
Location: Raya Goa Gajah, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Timings: 7:30 am to 7:00 pm

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2. Tirta Empul Temple


If you want to spend some time in peace and tranquility during your Bali vacation then you should not miss Tirta Empul Temple which is considered to be one of the best places to visit in Ubud. Constructed around 960 AD, this temple with a mountain spring is located in the town of Manukaya. There are various destinations all through the area along with other archeological relics which can be visited.

Location: Jl. Tirta, Manukaya, Tampaksiring, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80552, Indonesia

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3. Pura Taman Saraswati Temple


Among the top 10 places to visit in Ubud, Pura Taman Saraswati Temple is one which is a must visit if you are in Bali. Built in traditional Balinese architecture, this water temple is located in the centre of Ubud. You can also visit the temple post sunset to witness the famous Kecak Dance Performance that takes place inside the temple premise on every Tuesday and Thursday from 7.30 PM.

Location: Jalan Kajeng, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Timings: 7 AM to 5 PM

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So, these were a few temples near Pura Gunung Kawi Bali that will charm you with their architecture, beautiful vicinity, and peaceful ambiance. If you are looking for more attractions to visit on your getaway to Bali, these temples are worthy of adding them to your itinerary. After all, more the merrier. Make as much as you can of your time in Bali as if this is the only chance you have.

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6 Enthralling Things To Do In Malaysia For 7 Days For That Perfect Vacation

With an iconic skyline, historical landmarks, important geological sites and the ever so beautiful Petronas Towers, Malaysia is a delight and something you definitely can’t miss. Be it adventure or just a calm and peaceful stroll or the exciting nightlife or the many unique and distinct places to visit, Malaysia will not disappoint. If you plan for a longer trip to Malaysia then this might help. There are many enthralling and exhilarating things to do in Malaysia for 7 days and the destination will not fail to impress you. From exotic temples speaking volumes about the rich culture and heritage of Malaysia to offering delectable delicacies and a fine dine experience and don’t forget the bright colourful markets, Malaysia offers a plethora of activities that you should try out.

Be it your friends, family or your special someone that you are visiting the destination with these exciting things to do in Malaysia for 7 days will make your vacation an unforgettable experience and something that you just can’t get enough of. The magnificent skyline is bewitching and having a scuba diving or jet skiing experience in Malaysia is something you just just cannot miss. Malaysia offers such a vast variety of activities that you can indulge in that it’s hard to decide what to skip. You will be astounded and very surprised thinking how such a small place can contain so much. Read about them here and who knows, perhaps soon you can be just experiencing it all!

Malaysia offers a myriad of activities that you must not miss out on. From adventurous water sports to a rejuvenating spa and interesting hiking trails Malaysia offers everything that you would look for in that perfect destination. Here are the six things that you should most certainly try out if you are planning a trip to Malaysia for 7 days.

1. Scuba Diving


One of the most popular water-based activities in Malaysia, scuba diving is a must-do while on your holiday. It is the perfect way to cool off and explore below the surface of the water to see amazing marine life. If you want to go scuba diving in Malaysia, you are in luck as it has superb places known for their biodiversity. Keep in mind that scuba diving is an activity you can enjoy year-round in the country, but the seasons do vary from location to location. If you hve plenty of time then make sure you try this exciting activity, especially if you are planning to spend a week, then just know that scuba diving is one of the best things to do in Malaysia for 7 days.

Best Time: July to August, and from April to December
Best Places For Scuba Diving: Sipadan Island, Mataking Island, Mabul Island

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2. Jet Skiing


Probably one of the most popular water sports in the world, jet skiing is a fun way to spend time in the water. You can speed along the waves with the wind in your hair. It is an exhilarating feeling that you will not experience with many other activities. If you are looking to enjoy water sports in Malaysia beaches, you should definitely opt for jet skiing. You will find quite a few places that offer jet ski rentals and even classes by trained and experienced professionals. There are even jet ski tours you can go on to explore the Malay islands, coastal mangrove forests and go bird watching at Singa Besar Island.

Best Time: Year-round
Best Place For Jet Skiing: Pantai Cenang Beach on Langkawi Island

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3. Gunung Lambak


Its a place with interesting name and scenic hiking tour will let you feel simply amazing energy by your side. This is a hill and you need to hike your way to the peak. The location yet again is one which gets you to travel a bit. You will have to reach Singapore first and then take a two-hour ride to be in here with the name Johar. And then begins the most wonderful hiking of your life. The best period of visiting this place is somewhere between November to march. The lush green surroundings invite to experience freshness.

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4. Gunung Jerai


It is one of those mountains which could be visited at any time during the year. It just needs your time, energy and spirits to complete the hike. Usually it is a 9-10 hour long hiking experience. You could spot prehistoric buddhist and hindu temples at the base of this mountain. The only spooky thing about this hike is the news of missing people in the past. So one must take along a well-known guide or experienced hiker along to return safe and happy.

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5. The Great Rainforest- Explore Wildlife


One of the best things to do in Malaysia for 7 days is to get the glimpse of these gentle giants you have to go deep inside the rainforest territory. You can drive it for seven hours till you reach or you can take an hours flight and you will get down at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, where the Tabin Wildlife Reserve is situated.

Across this 300,000 acres of lowland is vast dipterocarp forest where you can find three of the largest mammals of Sabah, these are the Borneo Pygmy Elephant, Tembadau and Sumatran Rhinoceros.

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6. Lavender Gardens


A garden painted purple known as Lavender garden is a theme park and is covered with rows of lavenders. The newest attraction in Things to do in Cameron highland list is a must visit for all travelers to explore a Cameron Highland the purple way. You can buy lavender products, soft toys and even visit the popular cafe on its premises.

Location: Taman Tringkap, 39100 Brinchang, Pahang, Malaysia
Timings: 9 AM to 6 PM

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With such a wide expanse and a myriad of things to do in Malaysia for 7 days the time you are going to spend here will be unforgettable and the memories will stay with you for a lifetime. This Asian nation with many surprises awaits to awe-inspire you and here you will only find yourself running out of time and never of what to do. With a plethora of places to try out water activities at and the many spas where you can rejuvenate and relax and have the most laid-back and chilled out sort of vacation, in Malaysia you will only have fun and chill. If we have successfully prompted you and you can’t stop thinking about how exciting you trip to Malaysia is really going to be, we say try it out to know how it feels. Hold on for a while and check out these amazing customizable options and plan your trip with TravelTriangle.

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12 Tips For Backpacking In Thailand: A List Of Do’s & Don’ts

Thailand! The name says it all. From scenic beaches, islands, buzzing shores, temples, monasteries to exciting water sports, spa and massages; Thailand boasts of everything. And it is needless to say, that with all these, Thailand has become one of the choicest destinations among tourists of all kinds. Not only for family vacations and honeymoons; it is also famous for a soul-stirring experience of backpacking in Thailand alone.

If you are backpacking in Thailand, route to some of the unexplored and offbeat places here. But makes sure that you plan and prepare well. No matter how popular and traveler-friendly, Thailand is, when it comes to solo travel, here are few tips one should keep in mind before planning a trip to Thailand.

1. Bookings: Advance bookings help budget

plain in the sky

When you are planning a trip in Thailand, make sure you fix the budget for backpacking in Thailand for everything. There are many flights for Thailand, but to avoid last-minute surge in terms of airfares, plan well in advance and book one of the best budget airlines for travel. Not only traveling from your home country, but also for internal travel in Thailand, booking in budget airlines like Air Asia and Thai Smile is the most reasonable and the best thing to do.

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2. Accommodation: Stay in hostels

hostels in Thailand

Ditch all the swanky hotels and beach resorts and book at one of the best hostels in Thailand to experience holiday like never before. Not only homelike comfort and amenities, these hostels in Thailand promise you a chance to mix with like minded fellow travellers as well. Some of the famous hostels in Thailand are Dreamcatcher, Siamaze, Old Town Hostel, Hangover Hostel, Blanco Hostel, Southern Fried Rice and Baan Kamala Fantasea Hostel. Book a stay there and explore the city just like locals.

3. Culture: Learn their etiquettes

thai girls in traditional clothes

Thailand has a long list of social etiquette and the entire country is sensitive towards it. Local people of all age groups adhere to these social norms and expect tourists to do the same. Some of the essential etiquette, which you should know while backpacking in Thailand are:

Head is considered to be the most sacred part of the body so do not touch anyone’s head. Even children find it disrespectful. Similarly, foot is lowest portion of the body, so touching anyone with the same is considered to be most discourteous.

  • Do not talk in an impolite manner about the King in public places, as he is loved dearly by all the citizens.
  • Wai is a famous Thai gesture. This is a form of folding hands like worship and bowing. Wai is used to greet a person. So, whenever a local person does the same with you, kindly revert similarly.
  • Take your shoes off and cover your head with a sarong while entering a sacred place.
  • Everyday, at 8 am and 6 pm, National Anthem is played at public places. Like locals, you should also stand where ever you are to pay respect to the country.

4. Food: Enjoy street food

street food in Thailand

When talking about Thailand backpacking tips, food cannot be ignored. Like many other countries, Thailand also has a wide range of delicious and tasty street food options, which are easy on pocket too. From Pad See Eiw, Kluay Tod, Kha Kha Moo, Sai OOah to varieties of Thai curries and noodles; the streets of Thailand cities have everything. But if you are allergic to something or has any preferences, it is advisable to ask the food vendor to customize the food accordingly in advance.

5. Luggage: Pack light pack right

 travel bag

The most essential tip for backpacking in Thailand is travelling with light luggage. You should buy a light backpack and keep only essentials for backpacking in thailand , which include ear plugs, eye masks, hand sanitizers, essential medicines, sunscreen slippers, light clothes, shades, hats, a sarong, travel adaptor, torchlight and walking shoes. Thailand enjoys tropical climate round the year. Its hot and humid always. You will never require woolen clothes there. So, do not overload your bag with warm jackets, fancy clothes and matching footwear. Do not forget to carry the underwater camera, as you will get ample scope for underwater photography.

6. Transport: Avail public transport


When you are backpacking in Thailand, try to embrace public transport as much as possible. When exploring a particular city, Tuk Tuk is an excellent option whereas if you are travelling from one city to the other, the best choice is to travel by government run Thai bus service called Baw Khaw Saw. Such bus services are regular, reliable and almost every city has a BKS station. To avoid last moment rush, it is advisable that you book your tickets in advance.

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7. Connecting: Hire a local Sim

publilc transport

Staying on network during backpacking vacation is non-negotiable and in case of Thailand, the best way is to hire a local sim, instead of international roaming plans. Take a one-month local data plan and enjoy hassle-free connectivity, data usage for maps and directions. You can even tither with your tablets and laptops. Just try to stay in touch with your family or friends and keep them informed from time-to-time about your whereabouts.

8. Prices: Bargain hard

backpacking in Thailand

Be it Tuk Tuk fair or souvenir shopping, bargaining is the mantra in Thailand. Do not settle for what the shopkeeper is asking and suggest the price that suits you. It is always impactful and better, if you can learn little bit of Thai. This will definitely make the whole bargaining process easy and effective. Bargaining really helps to keep your trip within your budget and also get the best deals.

9. Nightlife: Adhere to safety tips


Thailand is known for the best nightlife scene and it is one thing that you should not miss while on a backpacking trip to Thailand. Be it Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket; every place has best of lounges, bars, dance clubs and discotheques and exploring these places is the best way to enjoy a memorable nightlife. Firstly, if you are alone, do not explore isolated places at all. Stay in touristy places as these areas have police patrolling all night long. Never get heavily drunk, do not do drugs and never ever let your drink unattended. Also, check with the dress code norms of the place you are planning to visit. Many of the bars and clubs, do not allow casual outfits.

10. Money: Travel card & cash in hand

money Thailand

Plan for a budget in the beginning and try to stick to that. Use international travel cards instead of debit or credit card during various transactions. International travel cards are issued by leading banks of India, with pre-loaded foreign currency as per your budget and unlike debit and credit cards they waive off the transaction fee, while using it in foreign countries.

11. Insurance: Get Travel Insurance

travel insurance

Trave Insurance may seem like a waste of money but it is the wisest decision you can make before backpaking in Thailand. Travel insurance provide you cover fromm theft, accidents, and hospital bills so tahat you don’t have to deal with all these things on you vacation if something happen to you. Before leaving, browse of best travel insurance that cover major mishaps that can happen on a trip.

12. Health: Stay hydrated

stay hydrated

This one is very important. Do not get so engrossed in sightseeing that you forget to keep yourself hydrated. Keep a bottle of clean water always with you and consume enough fluids. Apart from water, have fresh coconut water and juices to replenish your nutrients and fibre. This is specially applicable when are on the beach.

This list of essentials tips on backpacking through Thailand can help you travel Thailand on budget-friendly and hassle-free way. If you want to save some hassle then let us help you create a customized vacation in Thailand for you.


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Don’t Be Afraid To Visit These 3 Temples In Bali With Monkeys

The temples in Bali and monkeys have an old connection. Almost inside every temple you go, you will find these brats pulling shenanigans on the trees but these monkeys are generally very nice. So, if you are wondering which all temples in Bali with monkeys are, then you have come to the right place. ANy temple located close to a forest or an ocean cliff will have monkeys wandering around the premises of the temple. However, if there is any conflict between the group of monkeys, that cannot be avoided. These temples in Bali with monkeys are a way to teach us how to co-exist in nature with other animals in peace and harmony.

Sacred Monkey Forest is one of the most popular attractions in Bali that is visited by honeymooners and families alike. The lush green forest is a sanctuary for monkeys, langurs, and lemurs. These monkeys are friendly and are used to having people around. However, you should still be careful of them. These monkeys are special. These are long-tailed monkeys that are only found on the Balinese land. In scientific language, they are called Macaca fascicularis.

Did you know there are more than 700 monkeys in the Sacred forest? The forest is spread around 12.5 hectares and consists of 186 species of trees. Think about all the fresh and pure air in this region. Your lungs will not be able to take it if you are from Delhi. Just kidding! There is always an event happening inside the forest which makes the visit to this place all the more fun.

Uluwatu Temple is another one of the temples in Bali with monkeys. The rock cliff temple is where you will see hundreds of monkeys roaming along the cliff. These monkeys are not usually notorious but sometimes they snatch stuff from visitor’s hands. For your luck, there are guides who help you tread along the path carefully. However, they do charge some money to help you out. It is their way of making petty cash.

Here are those temples in Bali with monkeys where you may or may not find them. Yet these temples are worthy of a visit because of their incredible beauty.

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1. Uluwatu Temple


Known widely for its cliff-top location, which is 250 feet above the waves of the Indian Ocean, this temple is magnificently fascinating and one of the best Balinese temples. Archaeological remains, gorgeous views of the ocean & the sun, and a peaceful ambience is what youd witness and experience here.

Must Witness: The beautiful Kecak dance performance at the adjacent cliff-top stage, which takes place every day from 6:00 Pm to 7:00 PM with a breathtaking backdrop of the sunset.
Entry Fee: IDR 30,000 for adults, and IDR 20,000 for children
Timings: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Location: Pecatu, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia

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2. Goa Lawah Temple


Your Bali temple tour would stay incomplete until you tick Goa Lawah off your list. This temple is located on the southeast coast of Bali, and is built around a cave, which is home to a lot of bats. Apart from its location, the motifs of the dragon, shrines in the centre & large banyan trees at the entrance are pretty mesmerizing too.

Must Witness: The beautiful coast of Nusa Penida at the horizon.
Entry Fee: IDR 15,000 per person
Timings: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Location: Jl. Raya Goa Lawah, Pesinggahan, Klunkung, Kabupaten Klungkung, Bali

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Planning your holiday in Bali but confused about what to do? These Bali travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

3. Pura Luhur Batukaru Temple


Image Courtesy: Christ06

Pura Luhur Batukaru is a standout amongst the most hallowed temples on Bali and was worked in the eleventh century. Situated amidst the wilderness and unquestionably a supernatural place. It is mandatory to wear a scarf and a sarong, you can acquire both for nothing out of pocket at the entry of the temple. Sightseers are allowed to enter the first yard, the entrance to the main temple zone is disallowed. Because of the foggy evening, the best time to visit Pura Luhur Batukaru is toward the beginning of the day.

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These temples in Bali with monkeys are fun nevertheless. You should definitely visit the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud on your honeymoon or family vacation in Bali. It is super fun and you will be amazed to see how beautiful and refreshing this place is. Don’t forget to visit Uluwatu temple because, despite the monkeys, the sunset from this point is incredible.

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Beau Vallon Beach: This Is How You Can Relish Every Moment Here

The more we find out about the different astonishing places, the more we want to travel there and get our holiday spirits on! One of such places is the Beau Vallon beach. Beau Vallon is a popular beach on the northwestern shore of Mahé in Seychelles. It is known as a hub for plunging and swimming because of its waters and coral reefs. This place is sure to help you relax, have fun, and collect some amazing and memories worth cherishing.

So, let’s dig a bit deeper about this place to find out what all it is famous for and what all we can do as we visit this place and its nearby spots!

Beautiful beach

When people think about Seychelles, Mahé comes to their mind, which then makes them think of the Beau Vallon beach – ostensibly the island’s most acclaimed and mainstream shoreline. It is also one of longest shorelines in Seychelles that is prominent among voyagers and local people because of its blend of excellent landscapes and overall appeal.

If you are fortunate to stay in Beau Vallon beach hotel, it will basically be a short stroll from your space to the brilliant sand of Beau Vallon. If you are not staying close to the beach, then you can reach there without any hassle using a vehicle.

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Seychelles is an archipelago with 115 islands off the East African bank. It is the place with flying foxes and picturesque landscapes. The excellent sand and shallow, clear water are appropriate to loosen yourself up under the sun. The waters are ideal for activities like swimming, scuba plunging, surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, or fly skiing without exasperating others.

Beau Vallon beach, Seychelles is the place you would not want to miss out. There is regularly a lifeguard on obligation, which adds to the sheltered, inviting environment of the shoreline. Visit the wonderful ocean islands and you will find the natural side of heaven where the sea sparkles against quiet blue skies and the wilderness uncovers stupendous climbing trails.

In spite of the fact that this place is at its best consistently, there is an ideal time to visit here.

Sea view

The right time to visit Seychelles depends upon you. Located just beneath the equator, Seychelles does not have an outrageous climate unlike other tropical destinations. On the off chance that you need soothing weather, the best months to visit are April and October.

If you need modest flights to Seychelles and incredible arrangements on inns, the best time to visit would be the months of January and November. The conditions for swimming and cruising are incredible all year. However, surfing and windsurfing season is from May to September. The plunging seasons are said to be during March to May and September to November, yet April and October is considered to be the perfect time.

Also, the ideal time to get a chance to swim with whale sharks is from September to November. The turtle hatching season is from January to March. The best time for strolling and climbing is from May to September. The pinnacle time for viewing flying creatures is April (rearing season), May to September (settling of Sooty Terns), and October (movement).

Here is a list of Beau Vallon Beach activities that you can do for a thrilling vacation. Take a look and add them to your itinerary!

1. Gerry’s Private Charters

Gerry's Private Charters

Gerry’s Private Charters offer private excursions for game, sport fishing, snorkeling in the National Marine Reserve, and watching the beautiful sunset. Takeoffs are from Bel Ombre Fishing Port or Beau Vallon Beach. All trips are on demand. The program lasts for at least 2.5 hrs. So, if you are looking for an adventurous experience, don’t miss out on this!

2. Blue Sea Divers

Sea Divers

The Blue Sea Divers Center is at the heart of Beau Vallon beach, close to the marine save and takes you to the most delightful plunge destinations of the island. They sort out Diving Cruises in the Inner Islands on board the Liveaboard Galatea. It is a unique experience so make sure you do it!

3. Dive Seychelles Underwater Centre

Dive Seychelles Underwater Centre

The best spot they take you to where you can dive out of three jumps is in the marine stop, which is an extra 15 Euros (the evening plunge). Even though the reefs are dead for the most part but you will get to see the turtles. If you are visiting Beau Vallon beach in Seychelles with friends, you ought to do this!

4. Sesel Spa

Sesel spa

What can be better than having a good time at the spa while you are on a vacation. Spend the day on the beach and reach the spa in the evening to relax your body. Located in the H Resort Beau Vallon beach, Sesel spa will let you become one with the elements of nature.


You can appreciate the extravagance by remaining close to the Beau Vallon beach at the The H Resort, Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa, or Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort & Spa. Availing all the convenience is possible at nominal rates at Le Méridien Fisherman’s Cove, Coral Strand Smart Choice Hotel, and Chateau Elysium.


Via Air: To be specific, Thai Airways flights, Etihad Airways flight and SilkAir flights, and the Praslin flights can be used well because of astounding and best cordiality administrations!

Via Train: The rail network of this place is great with extraordinary railroad framework! After de-boarding from the train, it is not difficult to reach the beach, thanks to the amazing connectivity like public transports or pre-booked taxis!

By Road:There are many roadway transportation that you can avail here. You could enlist a vehicle rental to meander around the island. There are taxis additionally accessible to get around the spots.

Beau Vallon beach is especially worth a visit at night on account of the excellent dusk sights over the water. With such a wide range of activities, Beau Vallon is notable among the sightseers and local people alike and this shoreline is one of the only a handful few special areas that you can visit during your trip to Seychelles.


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5 Exciting Things To Do In Malaysia At Night That Would Make Your Vacation Blissful

Malaysia, truly Asia is as fascinating at night as it is during the day and there are way too many things that you can try out in Malaysia at night. The beautiful country is a gem of a place and holds many surprises for its visitors. From taking a couple spa to spending a night at the Real Survivor Island which offers the best kind of adventure and gives you an immediate adrenaline rush Malaysia offers it all but that’s not all. From the exciting nightlife to having an incredible fine dine experience there are so many things to do in Malaysia at night and you will be anything but disappointed

Malaysia with its unbounding beauty and scenic views is unparalleled and will completely surprise you and you will never want to come back. With lush greenery and a rich flora and fauna, Malaysia is the best example of an amalgamation of cultures and a coming together of nature and modernity. If the highlands are what attract you then you will be delighted to see those but there is more to Malaysia than that. And, Malaysia at night is even better. Exploring the Cameron Highlands or indulging in a luxurious spa or maybe experiencing the exciting Nightlife you can pick anything and have fun or maybe you can plan on doing it all. If you have the time and a nerve for adventure and want to enjoy your Malaysian holiday to the fullest then trying it all out is advised.

Although there are many things that you can try in Malaysia at night, ranging from partying at one of these amazing night clubs to taking a spa, we have listed our top 5 picks. e have listed out our top 5 picks.

1. Chocolate Couple Spa


Soak in romance while indulging in a refreshing and exotic chocolate spa with your beloved. Not only refreshing but this chocolate spa including body scrubs and foot massage will uplift your emotions and entice your romantic soul too.

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2. Spend A Night At The Real Survivor Island, Sabah


One of the most adventurous and exciting things to do in Malaysia at night spending a night at the Real Survivor Island is nothing less than a dream. Live the reel life of the famous TV Series Survivor for real by spending a night at Pulau Tiga, located in the vicinity of Kota Kinabalu. The travelers can land at this deserted island and enjoy the silence and isolation amidst the mud volcanoes and they can also go for snorkelling. Whereas the travelers on a strict budget can find a place to stay at Gaya Island Resort or Pulau Island Resort.

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3. Nightlife


You may not find hotspots with bright lights and neon entrance sins but Cameron Highlands has still got a good share of Malaysias exciting nightlife. The bars and pubs are scattered all over the hill station dawned with quite and peaceful vibe. Since it is a quaint hill station, people come here to find peace than have a party. One of the best things to do in Cameron Highlands at night is to find a cozy spot in one of its bars where you can get drunk and have an after-drink intellectual conversation with your friends or partner.

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4. Indulge In A Luxurious Spa


If you are too full with diving alongside the hammerhead sharks and the whales, then you’re at the right place. One of the most comforting and refreshing things to do in Malaysia at night, indulging in a luxurious spa is what you shouldn’t be missing. The travelers can also relax and experience the massages at the Layang Layang resort offers. This can gear you up for yet another day of adrenaline rushing.

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5. Experience Fine Dining


Since this island is a remote destination and has a very small stretch (around a 100m long), chartered flights ply for this region. One first needs to get to kuta kinabalu which is a city in Borneo, many flights fly from Kuala Lumpur to this place on a daily basis. One hour of flying time from Kota Kinabalu gets you to the intoxicating atoll amidst the majestic sea.The Layang Layang Resort is the one and only lodging destination once at Layang Layang Island. 76 beautifully designed rooms with personnel balconies and all required amenities makes for a heavenly stay. This place is as good as any other resort across Malaysia offering state of art facilities, luxurious rooms, a cheerful bar setting, swimming pool for some relaxation and most of all a spa with reflexology services to revive your sore feet from all the diving expeditions. Since this is an exclusive place for this area the rooms get booked really fast. It is a good idea thus, to grab a room before it opens for a new season in the month of March.

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With these many things to do in Malaysia at night your night plans are sorted and the nights you spend in Malaysia are going to be unforgettable and the most fun ones. With such a wide variety of things to do in Malaysia you just cannot go wrong. You will be exhausted but never bored, tired but would never run out on places to explore and activities to try out. Party the night away at one of these amazing nightclubs or bars. If that doesn’t catch your fancy then maybe enjoying a drink or two with your special someone is what you can be doing. These places are also a great place to hang out with friends and catch up. But that’s not all that you can do in Malaysia at night. You can also enjoy a very luxurious spa that will alleviate your senses and will help you rejuvenate on your trip to this beautiful Asian Nation. We think we have convinced you enough and it’s time for you to plan that long pending escapade to Malaysia. If you already are, well then check out these amazing customizable options curated just for you.

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4 Best Beaches In Grand Baie, Mauritius That Are A Perfect Summer Retreat In 2019

Mauritius is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world and there’s no doubt about it. But if you’re looking for a place that you can call your own, a place where you can dip your toes, and a place where you don’t mind being alone, then these best beaches in Grand Baie are where you need to be! Located in northeast Mauritius, Grand Baie is home to not only stunning beaches, but also to lively bars and restaurants which adds on to the reasons why you must plan your summer getaway here.

With white sand, lush green palm trees, and a view that can sweep anyone off his or her feet, these beaches surely promise a soul-satisfying experience. Be it sipping your favorite cocktail, indulging in some real adventure, or reading your novel under a shade, you can do it all here. But where exactly should you wander to first? Well, don’t fret. Just scroll through and read about these top beaches and what makes them so exquisite so that you can easily figure out where you wish to head first.

Here’s a list of the top Grand Baie beaches where you can live your beach holiday exactly how you dreamt of. Believe us, you’re in for a treat!

  • Pereybere Beach
  • Mont Choisy Beach
  • Grand Bay Public Beach
  • Bain Des Dames Beach

1. Pereybere Beach

A young girl admiring the rich sea life while snorkeling at Pereybere beach

The Pereybere beach is quite popular among travelers. Keep it in your list of places to see among all the Mauritius tourist places, if you love deep sea diving and snorkeling. Even though the water is deep in comparison to other beaches on the island, it is pleasingly calm. You can treat both the nature admirer and the adventure within this place while you soak up the Mauritian sunshine. Just don’t forget to take your camera along for capturing a million memories. After all, it is this place in the whole village of Grand Baie that will let you beat the heat and see the village of Grand Baie like a local or pro.

Famous for: Corals and marine life at Pereybere is a treat for sea-life lovers. Apart from all this, this beach is also popular for offering the soul-stirring water sports like diving, snorkeling, and more.

Key attractions:Snorkeling, speedboat rides, and the innumerable cafes and restaurants that are lined up along the beach. Sun, sea, sand, adventure, and food, this gorgeous beach has got it all that takes to tickle your fancy.

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Mauritius Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

Take a break with an exotic holiday in Mauritius. Experience the best of Mauritius with North and South island tours: Inclusive of Hotels, Sightseeing, Transfers, & Meals. Best Prices Guaranteed. Customizable Package & Free Guidance From Destination Experts.

2. Mont Choisy Beach

The beautiful sunsets at Mont Choisy Beach in Mauritius are worth looking

Located in the north of the country, Mont Choisy Beach is one of the most stunning beaches in Mauritius, in addition to its being the longest. Its proximity to the airport makes it a popular transit stoppage. The longest of all other best beaches in Mauritius glitters with sparkling blue water, attractive corals and the lively marine world. The gorgeous shore is perfect to sit by and unwind while watching the charming nuances of the world. The curve-shaped bay is dotted with beautiful Casuarina trees that add to the glory and serenity of the beach. There are absolutely endless reasons as to why you must visit this beach at least once in your life. For starters, it’s literally breathtaking.

Famous for: Water sports activities like windsurfing, skiing, deep sea diving, fishing, speed boating is great fun here. Have fun playing volleyball or football on this wide, amazingly attractive beach.

Key attractions: It is the longest beach in the country with a variety of super fun water sports. Also, Mont Choisy Beach is a popular spot among nature enthusiasts and photography lovers.

Poste Lafayette Beach is located in Roches Noires Village on the east coast of the island. The beauty of its peaceful little coves, lovely coastline and beautiful kilometer-long lagoon are enhanced with shiny blue waters and lush greenery. The allure of the beach is breath-taking, calming and refreshing, creating a perfect ambiance away from the hustle-bustle of city life. The soothing sounds of the mighty waves under the vast, majestic sky make it an experience you must have at least once in your lifetime. Plus, the restaurants and luxury hotels nearby make your visit comfortable and fun.

Famous for: Its spectacular beauty. Remember to take a silent walk along the beach, click snapshots of its glory and indulge in the fun water sports like kayaking.

Key attractions: The beach offers ample opportunities to dive, surf, snorkel, kayak, swim, and play around. No matter what you do, the enchanting beauty and right company can make your day.

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3. Grand Bay Public Beach


Located in Rivi-re du Rempart District, Grand Bay Public Beach is right along with the liveliness of Grand Bay Coastal Village. Its ethereal beauty makes it one of the best beaches in Mauritius. A spectacular tourist spot with ample opportunities for boating and catamaran activities, this fantastic beach is accessible by water from anywhere in Grand Bay. You should not miss it if you love splendid beaches, bustling water sports enthusiasts. Its gorgeous blue waters, wide lagoon, sparkling sand along with nearby eateries and restaurants see many tourists and natives mingling around.

Famous for: Yachting and sailing in the lagoon area

Key attractions: Bountiful fishing opportunities available here are one catch. Also, its catamaran facilities and yacht docks attract adventurous people.

4. Bain Des Dames Beach

Bain Des Dames Beach

We are giving brownie points to this beach for its colorful terrains! The blue waters paving way for the golden coral sand, which merges into the lush greens, creates a kaleidoscopic effect. One can spend a relaxing day by gazing at the variety of ships and boats entering and leaving the harbour while enjoying cocktails at the beautifully lit restaurants on the beach. It is a great place for party enthusiasts which is why this beach will keep pulling you for more if you’re one. Furthermore, it is definitely one of the best beaches in Grand Baie that offers everything at one place. So, get ready to let your hair down or groove till the sun wakes up as this beach awaits you only with a tonne of surprises and of course, experiences galore!

Famous for: Fishing spots and rejuvenating activities like no place else.

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Do you too believe that heart is where the beach is? Are you excited to visit these beaches in Grand Baie? Have you started to visualize yourself sitting under a shade with your sun hat on? Well, we don’t blame you. These gorgeous places are worth adding to your Mauritius trip itinerary with TravelTriangle this year. With a visit to these beaches, your summer holiday would surely become more magical, mesmerizing, and memorable. So, what’s stopping you then? Just pick a date, plan your trip, and start packing because after all, it’s an ocean breeze that puts a mind at ease!


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10 Exciting Things To Do In Paihia: Your Gateway To Adventure & Nature

Welcome to the Bay of Islands if you have arrived in Paihia on your New Zealand Trip. A small town in the North Island, Paihia is known for its sandy beaches, exuberant natural beauty, pretty coral reefs, and most importantly, the birth site of New Zealand. There are a plethora of things to do in Paihia that will leave you enthralled on your trip to this part of New Zealand. Whether it is enjoying adventurous water activities, hiking, or hopping on day tours, Paihia will give you inexhaustible memories on your holiday.

Here is a list of all the exciting things to do in Paihia Bay of Islands that should definitely make to your to-do list while you are here. So make sure you don’t miss out on any!

  • Parasailing
  • Sandboarding
  • Dolphin Cruise
  • Swimming
  • Opua Forest Walk
  • Paihia Dive
  • Russell Tour
  • Waitangi Treaty Grounds
  • Cape Reinga Day Tour
  • Kayaking

1. Parasailing


Discover the enthralling beauty of Bay of Islands from hanging in the air. How? By parasailing. Soaring to a height of 1200 feet on the blue ocean water is definitely some experience. It is here in Paihia that you will get to experience one of the highest and longest flights in New Zealand. If you love water sports, then this should be one of the top things to do in Paihia on your list. This is definitely an experience you should not miss at any cost.

New Zealand Honeymoon Packages On TravelTriangle

Get the best of luxury and beauty on your honeymoon. Witness the magnificent New Zealand landscapes with your beloved or engage in thrilling adventure sports – rafting, bungee jumping, jet boating, and sky diving. Book memorable honeymoon packages offered by TravelTriangle.

2. Sandboarding

Sandboarding View

Do you know what is one of the fun things to do in Paihia? It’s sandboarding. If you have never tried sandboarding, then you wouldn’t realize how much thrilling it is. You lie flat on a surfboard before someone pushes you and you go sliding down the sand dune. It seems childish but it is promisingly exciting. Hokianga sand dunes in Paihia provide an excellent opportunity for sandboarding. It is a great chance for you to do something fun.

3. Dolphin Cruise

Dolphins New Zealand Bay Of Islands North Island

One of the most romantic things to do in Paihia is going on a dolphin cruise. Hop on a cruise boat, drive to the middle of nowhere in the ocean where it is just you, your partner (a few more people on the cruise maybe), and dolphins swimming around your boat. Even if do not get to see dolphins, you can enjoy each other’s company out in the ocean. If you are not too fond of dolphins, then you can plan a sunset cruise for you and your partner.

4. Swimming


Are you wondering what all things to do in Paihia for free there are? It is swimming. You are on one of the most beautiful islands of New Zealand, surrounded by azure blue waters. Thankfully, there are quite a number of sandy beaches too. Why not take advantage of it and go for a quick swim in the cool waters? We bet you won’t be able to resist the tempting waters of the beach. You can do this any time or all the time during your stay in Paihia and you still won’t get enough of it. Don’t go out on the beach if the weather is not favorable.

5. Opua Forest Walk

Opua Forest Walk

If you enjoy nature walks, then you should definitely head out on Opua Forest Trail. One of the things New Zealand is abundant in is nature. For those who enjoy hiking, this is one of the top things to do in Paihia. There is even a surprise waiting for you at the end of this gentle 1-hour walk which is the view of a very large Kuai Tree, largest you will ever see in your life, and also the exuberant views of Waitangi. Carry enough water with you.
Address: 0200, 74 School Rd, Paihia 0200, New Zealand

6. Paihia Dive

Diving Underwater Sea Portrait Divers

One of the best things to do in Paihia when it is raining is scuba diving. You are going to get anyway. Then, why not explore the gems underwater and make a great use f your time rather than sitting indoors and watch the rain falling on the windowpane. Bay of Islands is an excellent place for scuba diving since it is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty. Explore reefs, sea urchins, kelp forests, wrecks of Canterbury and even sea caves as you dive deeper. New Zealand is anyway famous for watersports and while you are in Paihia, you should definitely put it on your list.
Address: 7 Williams Rd, Paihia 0247, New Zealand
Opening Hours: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (Monday to Friday); 8:30 am to 1:00 pm (Saturday); Closed on Sundays

7. Russell Tour


While you are in Paihia, why not take a quick detour to Russel, another beautiful place in the Bay of Islands? It is just a ferry ride away from Paihia. Once you reach there, you would have plenty of things to do and places to explore on the island. Just like Paihia, it is no less than a New Zealand wonder. You can have ice cream, explore around the town by bus, or go to beaches. It is one of the best things to do in Paihia Bay of Islands. So, if you’re wondering what to do in Paihia for a happening and unusual traveling experience, plan a tour to the town of Russell.

8. Waitangi Treaty Grounds

Waitangi Treaty Grounds View

Visit the historical Grounds of Waitangi where New Zealand’s founding document was signed. Waitangi grounds is basically the birthplace of New Zealand. There are a number of historical buildings and museums near the ground which you can visit to connect deeply with the historical roots of this place. This place holds great significance in the history of New Zealand. You can even watch the cultural performance happening in the carved meeting house. One of the best things to do in Paihia, visiting this place should definitely make it to your sightseeing tour.

Address: Tau Henare Dr, Waitangi 0293, New Zealand
Opening Hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

9. Cape Reinga Day Tour

Cape Reinga Day Tour

Get to the very top of New Zealand at Cape Reinga and lay your eyes on the most breathtaking views that lie in front of you. This is also where the two oceans collide into each other. So, the site here is heavenly. You will also find a medieval lighthouse on the tip of the place. Take a walk to the beach nearby and even try sandboarding on the dunes nearby.

10. Kayaking

man on a kayak

The best part of this particular activity is that a hostel that you’re a guest to can lend you a kayak. Indulging in this adventurous activity will make your whole travel experience memorable. Kayaking in azure water under the bright sun might as well considered to be one of the best cheap things to do in Paihia and will be both thrilling and soothing.

The list of things to do in Paihia is inexhaustive. We are sure you can add more things to the list once you explore the charming beach town on your holiday in New Zealand. You should definitely consider visiting Paihia if you want to know the roots of New Zealand and experience nature at its best. a {
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Frequently Asked Questions About Things To Do In Paihia


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10 Best Mauritius Cottages For An Entrancing Stay Experience!

With surreal and stunning beauty; Mauritius always keeps its tourists entertained and engaged. Whether it is admiring the natural charm of the place or trying the exhilarating water sports; Mauritius allures people round the year. To cater to the flocking crowd, there is no dearth of resorts and hotels, but the Mauritius cottages surely stand out.

From luxury, privacy to great views and hospitality- the cottages offer everything and make your island sojourn worthwhile. Go through the list, where you will find a variety of cottages, designed to suit every budget and preferences.

1. Villa Lune de Miel by Oazure

offers utmost peace and privacy to all

A group of ultra-posh cottages with amazing view of sea and beaches welcome every avid traveller here. Oazure Villas is one of the poshest and most stunning Mauritius cottages on the beach that has world-class luxury and offers utmost peace and privacy to all. Indulge in golf, yoga classes, spa and camp fire, while staying in the cottage. One can hire sports bike for excursions and asks the cottage authority to arrange for water sports and golf game.

Location: Royal road Roche Noire Mauritius, Roche Noire, Mauritius
Facilities: Well-equipped kitchenette, In-house chef service
Starting tariff: INR 11728/night

Website | Reviews

Mauritius Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

Take a break with an exotic holiday in Mauritius. Experience the best of Mauritius with North and South island tours: Inclusive of Hotels, Sightseeing, Transfers, & Meals. Best Prices Guaranteed. Customizable Package & Free Guidance From Destination Experts.

2. TICAZA Cottage

offers peace, serenity and privacy to all

If you are looking for beach front location; you should check out TICAZA Cottage- one of the most luxurious Mauritius holiday cottages, just about 50 mtr from the beach. A two-bedroom cottage, that can accommodate 4 guests, this place offers peace, serenity and privacy to all. Featuring own private parking space, free WIFI and a sprawling outdoor patio to relax, TICAZA Cottage is owned by a local family, who lives nearby and lends out help, whenever the guests need them. This is the perfect place to stay, if you are holidaying with family, especially kids. Ask for babysitting and massage services, cook on rent and toys and books for children to keep them engaged.

Location: Grande Riviere Noire, Mauritius, Africa
Facilities: Outdoor jacuzzi and barbecue facilities.
Starting tariff: INR 8854/night


3. Kuxville Beach Cottages

a perfect getaway for people

This is a gorgeous cottage in Mauritius. Laundry facilities, free parking, housekeeping and luggage storage are offered to guests and daily breakfast and airport shuttle are offered on chargeable basis. With a patio, sitting lounge and well-stocked kitchen, it is a perfect getaway for people who are looking for a laid-back vacation.

Location: Route Royale, Cap malheurex B13, Cap Malheureux, Mauritius
Facilities: Bicycle on rent
Starting tariff: INR 6400/night

Website | Reviews

4. Le Cabanon

a cozy Creole style bungalow

Surrounded by luxuriant greenery on all sides, Le Cabanon is one of the best places to stay in Mauritius with your friends and families. Amid fresh and tranquilizing environ, crowded with deer and ducks; Le Cabanon cottage is a cozy Creole style bungalow, that comes with a housemaid. The beach is just a stone throw, ideal for swimming, kite surfing and snorkelling.

Location: Le Morne, Mauritius, Africa,
Facilities: Open campfire place in front of the cottage.
Starting tariff: INR 6359/night


5. Mont Choisy Beach Villas

luxury Mauritius cottages

These spacious and bright luxury Mauritius holiday cottages have a swimming pool and other essential amenities like multi-lingual staff, dry cleaning facilities and free parking. This is a self-catering cottage, overlooking the Mont Choisy beach and the resort can arrange for loungers and beach towels and beach massages on prior request.

Location: Trou-aux-Biches, Mauritius
Facilities: In-house travel desk for day excursions, transport and airport transfers.
Starting tariff: INR 6147/night

Website | Reviews

6. Studio des Salines

for luxury and privacy

This Mauritius cottage is a perfect choice if you are looking for luxury and privacy. Beautiful garden, spotless rooms, sprawling terrace and garden are the elements of charm here. The beach right in front of the cottage is known for photogenic sunset view and dolphin spotting. Guests staying here can enjoy camp fire and barbeque in the private garden.

Location: Grande Riviere Noire, Mauritius, Africa
Facilities: A plunge pool, with two sun beds.
Starting tariff: INR 6037/night


7. Ocean Villas

a perfect pick for a relaxed vacation

If you are looking for moderate-budget accommodation; we recommend Ocean Villas in Grand Baie. Featuring self-catering duplex and triplex cottages, this complex takes care of every guests and make it a perfect pick for a relaxed vacation. Spend leisure time by the pool, stroll in luxury garden or indulge in spa. Choice is yours.

Location: Royal Rd, Grand Baie 30510, Mauritius
Facilities: Complementary water sports which includes kayaking, glass bottom boat rides, wake boarding, diving and surfing.
Starting tariff: INR 5176/night

Website | Reviews

8. Bungalow Rhys

Offering panoramic views

Settled on verdant Lion Mountain, Bungalow Rhys is another pocket-friendly accommodation to consider. Offering panoramic views and tranquillising serenity; this cozy cottage in Mauritius is located within the complex of Mauritius Holiday Home and is a heaven for nature lovers and peace seekers. This is a great place to spend some time with your family and loved ones.

Location: Grand Port District , Bois des Amourettes, Mauritius, Africa
Facilities: A small-in-house library
Starting tariff: INR 4471/night


9. Le Morne Cottage

Le Morne is a duplex property

Another beachfront cottage in Mauritius with rates light on pocket; this is a picturesque Creole style house, nestled in the fishing village of Le Morne. Le Morne is a duplex property with airy rooms offering mesmerising views of mountain and sea. The famous kite surfing spot is located across the road, which makes it easy for guests staying here.

Location: Le Morne Beach, Mauritius, Africa
Facilities: There is a snack shop, located right outside the cottage, from where one can buy food and beverages.
Starting tariff: INR 3622/night

Website | Reviews

10. Bungalow Shane

ideal for a laid-back retreat

This is another cottage, located within the complex of Mauritius Holiday Home. With 2 bedrooms, accommodating 4 people, this is one of the most sought-after budget cottages in Mauritius, ideal for a laid-back retreat. The cottage shares private pool and garden with other properties of the complex. This is a suitable place to stay for spending some great time with your friends.

Location: Grand Port District , Bois des Amourettes, Mauritius, Africa
Facilities: Well-equipped kitchen with coffee maker, refrigerator, microwave, oven and toaster.
Starting tariff: INR 3493/night


Already enticed to spend some quality time in any of these Mauritius cottages? Plan a trip to Mauritius with your family or friends and spend a lazy vacation in this beautiful island nation!


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The Las Vegas Nightlife: Nightclubs, Pool Parties, Strip Clubs, & More!

‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!’ is the best way to keep the secrets of the vibrant Las Vegas nightlife! And so, whenever you take a trip to the U.S., rest assured and make sure you experience every bit of crazy while you’re in the sin city because that would be your time to party like there’s no tomorrow!

Coolest nightclubs, sexy pool parties, or the ever enticing strip clubs, you name a thing and it’s here. Perfect for your bachelor’s and even better if you’re still going to stay single, here’s the best of the nightlife in Las Vegas that you must definitely experience!

When it’s Vegas, you know there isn’t any one best nightclub in the city. But since it’s difficult to do the rounds of each one around, here the three topmost you should definitely party at!

1. XS Nightclub

There’s no top 10 Las Vegas nightclubs’ list that does not have the XS nightclub in it. So, why would we skip it either. This is the best nightclub in Vegas if great music, good space for dancing, and moving to the bars for a drink is your top concern. With top DJs like David Guetta to the popular The Chainsmokers, each of your favorite artist plays the all house music here.

best nightclubs of vegas

Timings: The nightclub is open from 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM on Friday and Saturday. And from 10:30 PM to 4:00 AM on Sunday and Monday.
Dress Code: Prefer upscale casual and no athletic wear if you’re planning to party at XS. (No flip flops, tennis shoes, shorts, hats, no baggy or ripped jeans at all.)
Cover Charge: Starts from $20 or 1,300 for women and $30 or INR 1,950 for men.
Location: 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

2. Hakkasan Nightclub

If you’re heading to the sin city and you come back without visiting this nightclub, there’s definitely a lot that you would miss of the popular Las Vegas nightlife. With all the A-list DJs like Calvin Harris, Axwell, Tiesto, etc. playing in the house, this club gives massive competition to all the other clubs. This is no doubt one of the best places to visit if you want to brag about your kick-ass holiday experience in Vegas!

best nightclubs in las vegas

Timings: The club stays open from 10 PM to 4 AM on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. And from 9 PM to 4 AM on Saturday.
Dress Code: Since this is the top best nightclub in the city, make sure you dress well to impress. Say yes to smart semi-formals or party wear, and a big no to anything that falls under sportswear.
Cover Charge: The cost per person usually ranges from $30 or INR 1,950 to $50 or INR 3,250 depending on the performances.
Location: 3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

3. Omnia Nightclub

Located in Caesar’s Palace, Omnia is another nightclub that you must visit to experience the best of the nightlife in Las Vegas. Apart from a fancy chandelier, it has an overall ambience that paints the true picture of Vegas. And when it comes to music, this place is a treat to the ears, and a sight to mesmerize.

top nightclubs las vegas

Timings: The nightclub is open from 10 PM to 3 AM every day except for Monday and Wednesday.
Dress Code: This club refuses entry if you fail to follow the dress code. So, make sure you put up a smart coat or a nice dress before you head to Omnia.
Cover Charge: Being the hottest yet newest in the town, the entry here starts from $20 or INR 1,300 for women and $30 or INR 1,950 for men.
Location: 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

We are sure you have been to pool parties before, but there’s no reason why you should skip the popular night swims in Vegas. Sip on your drink, and take a dip in the water while you groove to the beats. But before that, head to these places to see the new Las Vegas nightlife!

4. Yacht Night Swim Party at Drai’s Beach Club

Located in the The Cromwell Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, Drai’s Beach Club is the latest pool party to open on the strip, and by far the best if you are looking to party on a weekday. Drai’s has eight pools, 150 VIP tables, dance poles, four bars, and a gourmet kitchen to keep you pleased throughout the night.

night pool parties in las vegas

Party Night: Tuesday
Timings: The yacht night swim party here starts from 10 PM to 4 AM.
Dress Code: Fashionable beach club wear or swimwear is appreciated for an entry to this club.
Cover Charge: The entry starts from $20 or INR 1,300 for women and $40 or INR 2,600 for men.
Location: 3595 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

5. Encore Beach Club at Night

The Encore Beach Club is the place to be if you want to experience the madness of the most talked about nightlife in Las Vegas. The pool party here previously named as Splash Dance at Surrender, is now known by the name of Encore Beach Club at Night. This club hosts DJs like Zedd, Lil Jon, Flosstradamus and Morgan Page to play EBC at Night. Home to world-renowned DJs like David Guetta and Avicii, Encore Beach Club was named best Las Vegas ‘Adult Party Pool’ by USA.

night swims in las vegas

Party Night: Thursday and Friday
Timings: 10:30 p.m. to close
Dress Code: Pool attire is a must to enter the venue.
Cover Charge: The entry for the club starts from $30 or INR 1,950 to $40 or INR 2,600 for women and men.
Location: 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

6. Wet At Night at Wet Republic

Located in MGM Grand Hotel, this club has large saltwater pools, intimate dipping pools, party cabanas, and much more. Your pool party experience reaches new heights once you’re here. The hottest DJ entertainers here transform the huge sun deck into a stage that sets your party on fire!

night parties in pool in vegas

Party Night: Wednesday and sometimes on Tuesday
Dress Code: Fashionable swimwear is what you need to adorn in order to experience the best of the Las Vegas nightlife style pool party here. Though Euro shorts would work too!
Cover Charge: The entry charges are usually around $30 or INR 1,950 for women and $50 or INR 3,250 for men.
Location: 3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

Now there’s no point in going to Vegas and coming back without gambling at all. So, pull up your socks and keep a night free to touch down the best casinos in the city.

Please Note:
The cover charge for your entry into the casino is mostly included in your hotel stay. However, do check once with the management regarding the entry fees.

7. Bellagio

This is undoubtedly the first place that comes to anyone’s mind when they talk about the nightlife at Las Vegas. Be it the beautiful fountains at the front of the hotel or the luxurious comforts inside its room, the casino here outshines it all. If gaming is your thing, this place is your playground!

couple in bellagio casino

Timings: The hotel and casino stays open for 24 hours.
Location: 3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

8. MGM Grand

Located on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, the high-energy atmosphere and the non-stop action of this casino defines the true gaming love of the city. The 10 different types of games here ensures that there’ll always be enough room for you to live the popular Las Vegas nightlife the way it’s meant to be lived!

top casino hotels in vegas

Timings: The hotel and casino stays open daily for 24 hours.
Location: 3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

9. Caesars Palace

Not all night parties in Las Vegas begin at the nightclubs. Some begin at this famous casino in the city. Being one of the city’s first casinos, this one has even seen the gambling magic of celebrities like Frank Sinatra. If you really want to know what it’s like to gamble in the sin city, head here!

casino in caesars palace las vegas

Timings: The casino is open everyday for 24 hours.
Location: 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

The city is lined up with cheap and posh bars all around. And you might think drinking is no big game for you anymore. But to experience what it’s like to drink in Vegas, these three bars and lounges definitely need to be on your list!

10. 107 Sky Lounge

Well, this isn’t any typical lounge. Located on the 107th floor of the Stratosphere Tower, this place literally makes you feel the high. It’s only here you can experience the best of the views of the whole city and the true magic of the Las Vegas nightlife. Savour the views while you sip some signature cocktails with world-class appetizers!

best bar and lounge in vegas

Timings: The lounge stays open from 4 PM to 4 AM on all days of the week.
Cost: A beer here starts from $7 or INR 455 and cocktails from $15 or INR 975.
Location: Stratosphere Hotel, 107th Floor, 2000 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

11. Chandelier Bar

Set up at the centre of The Cosmopolitan’s casino floor, this is a three-level, multi purpose bar that serves as a lounge, music haven, and the perfect glittery conversation place. It is housed inside a giant crystal chandelier, and has three storeys of bars, which serve different menus crafted by the property mixologist Mariena Mercer.

famous bars vegas

Timings: The bar stays open for 24 hours.
Cost: A beer here starts from $7 or INR 455, while cocktails from $12 or INR 780.
Location: 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

12. Mandarin Bar

Owing to the sophisticated yet elegant ambience and spectacular views from all the floor to ceiling windows, this bar is one of the most exquisite ones in the city. Its location on the 23rd floor of the Mandarin Oriental hotel only makes it more popular amongst all the best bars in Las Vegas.

women partying in mandarin

Timings: This bar stays open from 4 PM to 1 AM from Monday to Thursday, from 4 PM to 2 AM from Friday to Saturday, and from 4 PM 11 PM on every Sunday.
Cost: The cost for a beer here starts from $7 or INR 455 and cocktails from $18 or INR 1,170.
Location: 3752 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

Be it your bachelor’s trip or a honeymoon vacay, heading here is no sin. At least till the time your partner permits! Vegas has some of the most sassy strip clubs and also the largest in the world, and it’s time you might want to tick a few off your list.

13. Crazy Horse III

While the Las Vegas nightlife has a lot of strip clubs for you to enjoy your singlehood, this one remains to be the most classy spot to watch the big game! It has plenty of stages spread around in several rooms, and gives an exact feeling like that of a nightclub.

best strip clubs in vegas

Timings: The strip club stays open for 24 hours.
Dress Code: Being the best strip club in Las Vegas, this place follows the dress code strictly. Make sure you wear something upscale and fashionable like smart shoes, pants, and a button up shirt or a T-shirt with a coat and nice denim..
Cover Charge: The entry fee starts from from $20 or INR 1,300 to $50 or INR 3,250 depending on the time of the day you visit and special events. However, you can avoid the cover charge by booking a free Limo pick-up through the app or by calling the club.
Location: 3525 W Russell Rd, Las Vegas

14. Palomino Club

There’s only one reason that makes this strip club so famous in the city, which is that it is the only full-bar and full-nudity club in Vegas. It offers altogether a different sight of the Las Vegas nightlife, which only makes it a must-experience for you. Unless, your wife or girlfriend minds.

top strip clubs in vegas

Timings: This club stays open from 4 PM to 5 AM from Sunday to Thursday, and from 4 PM to 7 AM on Friday and Saturday.
Dress Code: The club appreciates smart casuals. So make sure you leave your jerseys and sweatpants in your hotel room.
Cover Charge: The cover charges here vary depending on the method of transportation you use to reach the club. If you are a local and drive yourself, or you use the free pick-up provided by the club, you will have to pay nothing at all.
Location: 1848 N Las Vegas Blvd, North Las Vegas

15. Sapphire

Known for being the largest strip clubs in Las Vegas and world’s largest gentlemen’s club, Sapphire has many enticing features. One of the best is its indoor ‘Rockstar Lounge’, which is a glass-top view of the beautiful women dancing above. And this place isn’t just for men. There’s a male revue known as the “Men of Sapphire” for women who plays in a separate room on every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. So ladies, you know when and where to head to!

biggest strip club in vegas

Timings: This gentlemen’s club is open every day for 24 hours.
Dress Code: Wear your smartest and comfiest casuals, but completely avoid flip flops and tank tops.
Cover Charge: You can enjoy a free entry by booking a free limo or a party bus for your pick-up and drop till the club (except the days of special events and promotional parties).
Location: 3025 Sammy Davis Jr Dr, Las Vegas

The best thing about the Las Vegas nightlife is not just these nightclubs or casinos, but the fact that you can visit the city to experience it at any time of the year (unless you’re going for the weather). And while this factor does make your experience better, a good value for money international holiday tour package makes it even more worthwhile. Rest, we hope you have heaps of crazy fun on your visit!